KEEP Family Event

Kid’s Encountering Emmanuel Program family event was held on Sunday, January 21, 2018. Crafts, lunch, learning. Next family event is Sunday, February 4. Outdoor activities. Ask Pastor John for more details.

Apocalyptic Blockbuster

Read Pastor John’s article in the Moose Jaw Times Herald from June 17. An Apocalyptic Blockbuster Superheroes save the world from near disaster. Monsters rise from the sea. Aliens attack earth. A meteor threatens destruction. Viruses cause a pandemic. The sun might explode. Movies give the impression that we live in an increasing apocalyptic age […]

A Good Person

What does it mean to be a “good” person? One usually recognizes a good person by what they do. Some of the qualities that we look for in good people are: helpful, caring, loving, kind, understanding, etc. Those who do such things are often labeled “good”. Goodness has nothing to do with the spiritual life. […]

Religious Persecution?

You might find this an interesting article to read about Muslims converting to Christianity in Germany. Iranian and Afghan converts to Christianity face mass deportation from Germany; Pastor calls hearings “kangaroo courts”